Royalty Free Country Production Music

We recently held some “Nashville Sessions” where we brought in country artists to create a brand new collection of Royalty Free Country Production Music. All the tracks are available for only $20 at!

We had to dig deep to find elite banjo, ganjo, mandolin, chicken pickin’, and riffy country guitarist…but we’re confident in our selections!  Check out some tracks from our new collection:


Smooth Seas Don’t Make Skilled Sailors

Description: Laid back country rock with hopeful guitars, catchy emotional banjo, and steady driving drums. Builds to a determined chorus with a touch of country grit and attitude.

Outlaw Country For Non-Risk Takers

Description: Perfect summertime country rock with catchy, memorable riffs and a banjo driven emotional chorus. Coming of age country rock score.

Open Road Country Rock

Description: Inspirationalmandolin driven country rock track with a “driving the open road”freedom vibe. Modern country rock production music with a bit of inspirational attitude.

Salt Life (Instrumental)

Description: A modern country rock track opening with classic melodic guitar riffs and building to a big chorus with organ, orchestral strings, violin lead, slightly distorted guitars and driving percussion.


Weathered Past (Instrumental)

Description: HeartfeltTaylor Swift-style country song with fingerpicking guitar intro building to a big country chorus with stringselectric guitarsorganand catchy riffs. Modern country love ballad.


Fired Up Country Rock

Description: Epic country rock anthem with a powerful intro reminiscent of The Who.


Epic Country Triumph

Description: Inspirationalepic country rock track opening with catchy banjo and quickly building to triumphant refrain.

This is Country (Instrumental)

Description: Energetic backwoods country rock anthem. The type of country music you’d hear in a beer or truck commercial! Lyrics about living free and feeling alive!

The One That Got Away (Instrumental)

Description: Melodic power country song with big guitars and racing drums. Chorus reminiscent of The Who’s “Baba O’Reily”

Home is Where the Heart Is (Instrumental)

Description: Big & Rich style Country/Dance track with catchy delta blues guitars, brass, and big drums. Fun, playful country track.

All Royalty Free Country Production Music is currently available to license for only $20 per track!

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Royalty free Production Music – $20