Assault Rifle Sound Effects

New Assault Rifle Sound Effects – ONLY $1!

Download these royalty free Assault Rifle Sound Effects recorded live in the field with dozens of fully automatic weapons. These very sound effects have been used on countless video games, videos, and films! As always, we offer the highest quality sound effects on the planet…and for only $1!

Assault Rifle Sound Effects

These sound effects and dozens more can be downloaded royalty free and used in all your projects. It’s the perfect addition if you need battlefield sounds or a powerful explosion added to your video, games, or animations.

These sound effects can be used for all your media projects royalty free! No strings attached. If you need an explosion, boom, power, weapon, etc., search now!

Assault Rifle Sound Effects

Need more than just the Assault Rifle Sound Effects? No problem! We have a whole list of Weapon Sound Effects that include some of the following:


If you are looking to purchase a whole set of weapons and explosion sounds, then head over to our Soundsmack CDs and Libraries to learn more.  These sounds are available for individual track download on CDs and can be purchased in the following locations:


If you are looking for more sound effects to add a punch to your videos or games, then check out our Impact Sound Effects. These sounds range from punches and kicks to high impact smash sounds and crashes. Here are a few examples:


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