Animal Sound Effects

New Collection of Animal Sound Effects!

We’re thrilled to announce the release of a brand new collection of royalty free animal sound effects! All animal sound effects are available to license for only $1 at!

Thanks to the recent adoption of our extremely vocal new dog (Blackjack), we felt the need to start recording barks, growls, whines, and everything in between.

Check out a few examples from our new animal sound effects collection:

Small Yappy Dog Barking Sound Effect:

Dog Ferociously Growling Sound Effect

Small Dog Barking Sound Effect:

Dog Whining Sound Effect:

Dog Sniffing Sound Effect:

Multiple Dogs Barking Sound Effect:

In addition to dogs, we’ve added tons of other animal sound effects including birds, horses, ducks, insects, and so much more. Check out some samples from birds collection:

Loud Isolated Bird Sound Effects:

Bird Call Sound Effects:

Bird Chirping Sound Effects:

Birds Chirping in Park Sound Effects:

So what is is a massive library of studio-produced Sound Effects and Production Music. Our work has been featured on WWE, UFC, Showtime, NBC, MTV, Comedy Central, Bravo, Starbucks, and other tv shows, commercials and films! The key words here are STUDIO-PRODUCED! Other sites boast catalogs with hundreds of thousands of sounds, but the vast majority of those sounds are uploaded by contributors using iPhones or other unprofessional equipment. That means that you need to sift through hundreds of “toilets flushing” before finding one of remotely decent quality.

At Soundsmack, we are professional sound designers and recording engineers working on movies, cartoons, TV shows and albums. This is what we do! So while you won’t find the millions of sounds that other sites boast, you WILL find the highest quality sounds on the internet…the very same sounds in fact that we’ve created for countless films, cartoons, tv shows, and more!! Quality. Period.

Sound Effects – $1

Ambience Tracks – $3

Bumpers & Stingers – $10

Royalty free Production Music – $20