Adding eLearning Sound Effects to Courses

eLearning Sound effects, such as button clicks and correct/incorrect responses, can dramatically increase user engagement and interactivity in courses.  In this blog, we’ll show you how to add sound effects to some of the most popular eLearning authoring tools!

To make adding sound effects to your eLearning courses as simple as possible, we’ve assembled all the sounds you’ll need in a brand new collection of cds available on iTunes and Amazon:

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Adding eLearning Sound Effects to a Articulate Storyline

To add a sound effect to a button click in Storyline, use a Play media trigger. Here’s how:

  1. Click the Create a new trigger icon (looks like a blank piece of paper) in the Triggers panel.
  2. Assign the following properties to the trigger:
    • Action: Play media
    • Media: Select Sound from file, and then browse to the audio file you want to use.
    • When: User clicks
    • Object: Select the name of your button.
  3. Click OK.



Adding Sound Effects to a PowerPoint animation 

  1. Click on the slide that you want to add the sound effect
  2. Click the Animations tab, click the Animations group, then click Custom Animation
  3. In the Custom Animation task pane, click the arrow right of the animation effect, then click Effect Options.
  4. On the Effect tab, click the arrow in the sound list (under enhancements)
  5. Click Other Sound and locate the sound file you wish to add.



Adding Sound Effects to Adobe Captivate 

  1. Select the slide or object to which you want to add audio.
  2. In the Property Inspector (Window > Properties), click Add Audio in the Audio area.
  3. In the Slide Audio dialog box, click Import. …
  4. Browse to the audio file you want to add, select the file, and click Open.
  5. When finished, click Save.


UPDATE:  We’ve recently added new content including common eLearning voice over phrases, and clock ticking timer countdowns!


Sound Effects Quality

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