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Believe it or not, there’s an art to smashing closely mic’d fruit!  That’s how we create those gruesome horror sound effects for film.  A zombie ripping through a torso on the Walking Dead is really a sound guy squishing a cantaloupe in a studio.  A head getting smashed with a bat is an audio engineer breaking watermelons over a tarp.  A little Hollywood magic goes a long way in creating terror!

After working on a string of horror films over the last few years, we’ve finally compiled a new collection of horror sound effects and background ambience.  This new collection includes:

So how do we do it?  We always start by covering the studio in plastic sheets…and then comes gathering fruit and weapons to smash it with!  Taking a baseball bat to a watermelon or cantaloupe makes a gruesome trauma sound effect.  Slowly ripping and tearing celery without snapping it makes for painful bone tearing sounds.  A knife going into a head of lettuce makes a chilling stabbing sound effect.  Couple these together with some juicy fruit being squished and you have senseless violence ready for the big screen!

As always, we’re offering all of our horror sound effects for only $2 each!  These are the very same sound effects we’ve created for horror films, tv shows, cartoons, games, and more.

Below are a few of our favorite horror sound effects:

Guts being torn apart sound effects


Knife Stabbing Sound Effects


Background Ambience


Uneasy, traumatic ambience


We’ve even have some cheesy Halloween sound effects if you need something less intense


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