Video Game Sound Effects CD

Video Game Sound Effects Royalty Free Sounds

Working on a new video game? We’ve released our favorite video game sound effects to the public! One of the most important parts of a video game is the sound effects. How else are you alerted when you level up or receive a game over. In addition, these are 8 bit sound effects so you get the perfect effect for your game.

You don’t have to worry about compromising the quality of your game. Lets be honest, as cool as the old Space Invaders laser shot sounds, it probably wouldn’t fly in the 21st century. Make sure the sound effects in your video game bring it to life and don’t leave the gamer wanting more.



Where to find the sounds

Be sure to check out Soundsmack to find a collection of high quality video game sound effects. With professionally created:

  • clicks
  • alarms
  • sirens
  • level up
  • game over
  • and many more!

You can also find our video game sounds effects in the following locations:


Video game sound effects CD for purchase

Purchase the entire CD from any of the sites listed below. You can also purchase directly from Soundsmack any individual royalty free sound effect.


Video game sound effects CD to stream

You can stream the entire sound effect album or pick individual songs to listen to before purchasing a sound track.